Omega 2000 - Optics & Baffles


The Omega2000 optics are four lenses of different materials, acting as a corrector and changing the F-number of the primary slightly to the final F/2.35 which are needed to archive the 0.45" / pixel. The optics are achromatic from 0.85 µm to 2.4 µm without refocusing. Distortion is 0.06 % which is less than one pixel from center to corner. All graphs for the optics as built.


Transmission (plot)

Transmission (ASCII table)


Spots - polychromatic i.e. 0.85 - 2.4 µm

Spots - Z band / Spots J band / Spots H band / Spots K band

Encircled Energy - polychromatic, diff. limit calculated for 0.85 µm

In addition, there is a warm mirror baffle system outside the dewar to reduce the background seen by the detector. The mirrors are rings with ellipsoidal shape directing all rays coming from inside the dewar back to the dewar (back to cold environment). For observing in K band, there is a moveable baffle which vignettes the beam to a certain amount, maximizing the S/N ratio.

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