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Summary: PMAS (Potsdam MultiAperture Spectrophotometer) is an integral field unit developed in the AIP (P.I. M.M.Roth), currently mounted in the CAHA 3.5m telescope. .
PMAS belongs to the AIP and it is operated by CAHA on a shared risk basis.
Roth et al., 2005, PASP 117, 832

Focal Station: Cassegrain focus
Instrument Responsible: Dr. M.M.Roth (at AIP)
Astronomy Department (at Calar Alto)

Instrument Characteristics
PMAS modes (Larr/PPAK) 
Grating Table 
API PMAS webpage 
Observing Guide 
PMAS Observing Guide

Please, read this page before applying for PMAS time.
Software tools. 
P3d on-line (PMAS on-line reduction package) 
R3D (IFS data reduction package) 
Exposure Time Calculator 
Instrument news and status
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