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- Standard Stars and On-line Surveys -

Optical Photometric Standards
    Landolt Equatorial Standards
    Stetson Photometric Standard Fields
    The Sloan Digital Sky Survey standard star system
    A catalog of bright uvbyß standard stars - Stroemgren system
    Catalogue of Stellar Photometry in Johnson's 11-color system (UBVRIJHKLMN)

Near-IR Photometric Standards
    UKIRT Faint Infrared Standard Stars
    Elias Standards
    The Y Band at 1.035 microns
    HST/NICMOS IR Standards (Persson et al.)
    ARNICA near-IR Standards (Hunt et al.)

Optical Spectrophotometric Standards
    Oke (1990) Spectrophotometric Standards
    Hamuy (1992,1994) Spectrophotometric Standards
    HST Spectrophotometric Standards
    ING Spectrophotometric Standards
    ESO Sky map of Spectrophotometric Standard stars

Near-IR Spectroscopic Standards
    IRTF Spectroscopic Catalogs

Polarized Standard Stars
    A List of Polarized and Unpolarized Standard Stars for UKIRT
    Polarized and Unpolarized Standard Stars commonly used for FOCAS (SUBARU)
    High polarisation standards (NOT Telescope)
    Zero polarisation standards (NOT Telescope)

Radial Velocity Standards
    Geneva Radial Velocity Standards -->> Table
      Towards a new set of high-precision radial-velocity standar stars (S. Udry, M. Mayor and D. Queloz, 1999)
      20 years of CORAVEL monitoring of radial-velocity standard stars (S. Udry, M. Mayor, E. Maurice, et al, 1999)
    Radial velocities for 889 late-type stars (Nidever, Marcy, Butler, Fischer and Vogt, 2002 ApJS 141,503)
      Catalogue at CDS
    The catalogue of radial velocity standard stars for Gaia. I. Pre-launch release (Soubiran, Jasniewicz, Chemin, Crifo, Udry, Hestroffer and Katz, 2013 A&A 552,64
      Catalogue at CDS

On-line Surveys
    Digitized Sky Survey (ESO site)
    Digitized Sky Survey (HST site)
    Sloan Digital Sky Survey
    SkyView (Advanced Form)

    Blank Fields
    NIST Atomic Spectra Database Lines Form

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