Meteors and Fireballs

Fireball on April 14th 2016 over Mediterranean Sea

portadaSMART Project fireball detectors and Calar Alto South webcam registered on last April 14 a fireball over Andalucía skies (South of Spain). The event took place about 23:15 Spanish local time (21:15 UT). Together with Calar Alto fireball detector station and south surveillance webcam, the fireball could also be recorded from the fireball detection station at Sevilla, La Hita (Toledo) and Sierra Nevada observatories.



Bright fireball over Albacete (Spain)

portadaLast March 31st a bright fireball flew over Castilla La Mancha (Spain) skies. The object was registered with SMART Project detectors at 4:36 Spanish local time (2:36 UT). This fireball could be observed with Calar Alto Observatory fireball detection station and with the north surveilllance webcam. The phenomena was also observed at Sevilla, La Hita, Huelva and La Sagra Observatories.



Fireball on March 20th 2016

portadaLast March 20th 2016, SMART Project detectors registered a fireball about 23:36 Spanish local time (22:36 UT). The object could be recorded from the fireball detection stations located at Calar Alto, Huelva and Sevilla observatories.




Impressive fireball on the night of February 24th 2016

portadaLast February 24 2016, at 2:32 Spanish local time (1:32 UT), an impressive fireball crossed center Andalucía (South Spain) skies. The object could was registered from one of the Calar Alto Observatory surveillance cameras (the one pointing to West), as well as from the fireball detection stations operated at La Hita (Toledo), El Arenosillo (Huelva) and Sevilla Observatories.



Bright fireball on February 23rd 2016

portadaLast February 23rd 2016, at 06:54 Spanish local time (5:54 UT), a fireball brighter than the full moon, could be observed in a big area of Spain. This phenomena has been recorded from Calar Alto Observatory, as from the fireball detection station operated at La Hita (Toledo) and Sevilla observatories.




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