CAFOS Comparison Lines for Spectroscopy

There are three arc lamps available in CAFOS: HgCdAr, He and Rb, and additionally an adjustable continuum lamp for internal flatfields. Find below some line plots for different grisms. Others will follow soon.

Note:The line strengths vary over a wide range after turning the lamps on! Only after burning times longer than 1 min they get stable. Be sure to wait always this time before taking arcs. Otherwise you may have difficulties when trying to identify the lines. An exception may be grism G-100, with a better sample of the lines exposing right after turning on the lamps.

Also, since the center of the slit changes depending on its width, it is good to take arcs lamps with the SAME SLITWIDTH(s) than the one(s) used for your targets.

Useful additional plots of line identification can be found in CAFOS manual .