December 19th 2022

Last night of December 17th 2022, a bright fireball was observed above Murcia Region (Southeast Spain).

This phenomenon was registered with the SMART Project’s detector operated at Calar Alto (Almería), La Hita (Toledo), Sierra Nevada (Granada), La Sagra (Granada) and Seville observatories.

Several of the external  cameras of Calar Alto Observatory in Almería also could follow this event.


December 2nd 2022

Two fireballs happened on November 29th 2022.

The first one took place at 00h03 UT, while the second one appeared on the sky at 22h22 UT.

Both of them were registered with several of the SMART Project’s detectors operated at Calar Alto (Almería), Ayora (Valencia), Faro de Cullera (Valencia), La Hita (Toledo), Sierra Nevada (Granada), La Sagra (Granada) and Seville observatories.

And, as usual, some of the external Calar Alto cameras also registered these events.


November 14th 2022

Two bright fireballs were observed during the night of November 13th 2022.

The first of them happened at 01h42 UT (02h42 Spanish Local Time) above Ciudad Real (Mid-South Spain) skies.

The second object was registered at 02h47 UT (03h47 Spanish Local Time). This one flew Granada (South Spain) skies.

Some of the SMART Project’s detector registered both events.

External cameras operated at Calar Alto Observatory in Almería, also could follow both objects.


November 9th 2022

Since November began, fireball activity has been increased a lot.

Besides the big event in South France, commented in previous article, several fireballs could be registered from the SMART Station’s detectors operated at different observatories: Calar Alto in Almería, La Sagra and Sierra Nevada in Granada, La Hita in Toledo, Huelva, El Aljarafe in Seville and Seville.

Different external cameras operated at Calar Alto Observatory also registered these events.